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A new revolutionary platform to reinforce each
citizen in possessing an equal power

We provide a most necessity, human development 'services and supports' free of cost to fulfill dreams of every citizen of India with a primary target towards poor and common people which indicates 90% of Indian population will immediately jump into it as everyone has issues to be solved and wish to have powers and supports. Not only the services offered, but by becoming a member of "UNITED ASSOCIATION" of India, no matter whether one is illiterate or literate will still make a never ending power of being one-voice from entire nation. Our backend support team is designed to provide all time and real-time support without any traffic in demands with:

In house team (A large size - thousands of employee team)
Extra participated Professionals (Business Partners)
Affiliated Members (Business Agents)
Volunteered Members (Retired research persons)

The main key points of policies adopted are highlighted below as:

Each phone calls from every different numbers to our toll free number including missed calls are automatically preregistered then initially their few details are updated during the running calls or by calling back and those are such as; Full Name, Location and preferred language etc. to make a member of "UNITED ASSOCIATION" of India and provide instant access to all facilities at free of cost.

We provide first month to three months free membership depending upon geographical and membership categories to let our members enjoy the services (reinforced powers) we offer with real-time assistants and supports. Thereafter, there will be a small, negligible fees of membership which is also easily affordable even by the below poverty line families but billion(s) of members. Our categories of memberships are:

1. A- Members – (General)
Members - fees of INR 12/- pm or 155/- Per annum

2. B- Silver Members – (For Students : A+B access)
Members - fees of INR 25/- pm or 325 Per Annum

3. C- Gold Members – (For Professionals : A+B+C Access)
Members – fees of INR 50/- pm or 650 Per Annum

The support services will be started shortly, mean while we are making a survey to finalise the size of initially required support team. Therefore, we request every interested people to preregister your names including all your family members and friends at free of cost to get free reinforced power supports and have a better living qualities and supports.

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