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Some greatest things can only be done by extraordinary people with God's gifted super-abilities.

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Heyee Global Group (HGG) strongly believes in creating new ideas of innovations and inventions to bring more and more advanced results when existing business policies are kept as base foundation. The team also explores best of its researches and out sourcing capacities to solve every problem of the world in every possible fields rather than repeating an already performing idea.This is the primary keys to our success and in being a leader.

Beside the master policies of the HEYEE GLOBAL GROUP and its Global partners, the team of HGEPL alone has multiple business platforms such as:

 UNITED-ASSOCIATION-PLATFORM (UAP) – Power reinforcement to entire population of the Nation)
 Engineering & Construction - Department (ECD)
 Global Consulting – Department (GCD)
 Import & Export – Department (IED)

Among the major departments of HGEPL, the Import & Export service division is also a most important core business foundation. The requirements in regards to Import & Export items under HEYEE Group itself is big enough to handle and operate business in the Global markets at large. Each departments of our business team were established as pillars of the organisation and key functions of the mother-mechanism of our primary business modality which is a mega structure that can never fall at all.


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We believe in creating new ideas rather than repeating an already performing one.

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Chongshen M
National Political Leader & IAS (Rtrd)

It's always true and make me realised that some greatest, impossible things can only be done by extraordinary people who has God's gifted super powers or super abilities. That's what I have experienced and witnessed with the team of HEYEE Global Consulting during my political and business journeys. May God bless the Leaders of HEYEE Group and all associates!

SP Chandra
President- PHFDS

The new revolution of problem solving, development and support systems HEYEE Group are taking up will definitely enhance the World becoming more advance and peaceful in near future.

MB Singh
Sr. Political Leader

When we say, we have achieved many of our goal through a magical global policy, people wonders how! In fact, the truth is; the optimal master plan and solutions provided by HEYEE Global Consulting was the light and direction to our Political journey and today we see more success that will lead to accomplish our final targets.

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