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Creating a platform to buy items of pure and better in qualities yet much lower in prices than other markets.

Import & export department of HGEPL strive hard to lead in foreign trade and establish a good platform in Global markets at large. Among the major departments of HGEPL, the Import & Export department is also a most important core business foundation. Estimated business volume in regards to Import & Export items under HEYEE Group itself is big enough to handle and operate business in the Global markets at large. The requirements related to Construction and infrastructure development items are the first major trade we deal in international market while other materials and productions like; natural and nutritional food products, healthcare development products, educational industry products and other items being added in contemporary demands or incoming requirements.

Beside all other business enterprises we have, to fulfill an urgent necessity, we are in the process of developing a pilot project of a high network, international chain platform. It's primarily to develop natural resources and products available in North east states by providing an easy self-boarding access to sell and buy any items through the platform which will be participated by numerous global buyers and sellers. This will be a material stock market with online and offline trading facilities where any business enterprise from India and a broad can buy their required items of pure and better in qualities that's also in a much lower prices than other markets.

The twin platform of online and offline trading from material stock market will have facilities of business operations including large storages capacities constructed in over 3000 acres of land with 24 hrs fleet services with ready transportation to anywhere in India and abroad.

We believe that within few years, the growth and facilities of import and export markets in India especially through our stock market which is going to be established in north east region will become the best market hub in the world where every local and global buyers will consider as a first preference and target point in finding good products at better prices.