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A mega, super structured, a separate city only for North east people... established by 'Barachiel Golden City Properties Limited' (BGCPL) and 'HEYEE GROUP' with its world's largest corporate teams to accommodate about one million population is currently in full swing. There will be more than 60 projects inside the city and some major popular projects are:

 World Tallest, Triplet Towers - International Finance & Trade Centre
 Global Commercial Hub
 Mega shopping Malls
 7 star premium Hotels
 World Class multi-speciality Hospital
 Luxurious monorail services with 20 monorail station inside the City
 Blue –Magic Lake inside the city with Motorboats and surrounded by residential Towers


Numbers of Global Investors are expressing their interest for investment in Barachiel Golden City because, this is the first time Golden opportunity for the Global investors and developers to invest into such a rare, automatically viable project. The Project of "BARACHIEL GOLDEN CITY" has been created to fulfill an overwhelming demand of a 'specific necessity' which was designed based on one-option-foundation of the present and future of the people of North East; not merely promoted real estate project, therefore it's rated with zero risk ratio and became 100% self-success modality. And we are in the process of finalising different suitable terms and policies with our participating groups while fixing the commitments to accomplish the Goals.

Indeed, how fortunate for north eastern origins to live or to invest in Barachiel Golden City with the opportunities of having:

1. Own house(s) in National Capital City of North East which is within Delhi – NCR.
2. Seeing children and generations growing without any more fears of discriminations and other unwanted liabilities and compulsions.
3. Living in most advance City with suitable Jobs opportunities without any more struggles and corruption within the own City.
4. Reaching world platforms in every fields of Education, Health care, Sports, Business and Global promotions etc. inside the City.
5. Creating mega structured, Global Commercial projects and living in its City of popularity with a proud name of being north eastern Indian.
6. Getting multiplied returns from investments in short span.

Investing in early stage such as during raw processing in finalising construction layouts etcetera is the greatest advantage for the indigenous people of North eastern states including Sikkim and other Buddhism community (Nepali, Bhutanese, and Tibetan who are citizen of India by naturalization) to get maximum multiplied returns and capital gain of values including other bonus offers.

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United Association Platform (All time access public platform-ATAPP)

--- A new revolution of reinforced-power to connect entire populations as "United Association" in one channel ---

A new revolutionary mega project to establish a "POWER REINFORCEMENT- SOCIAL PLATFORM" to connect entire populations as "United Association" in one channel is also in full swing to launch shortly by HGEPL. The idea and model HGEPL have created will directly uplift every citizen of India to have a most advance knowledge with quality living. Our newly invented modality will produce a system to provide an equal access power to each citizen regardless of protocol or common people.

 Proving "PERSONAL LAWYER & COUNSELLOR" to each and every citizen of India.Whenever anyone face onside/ on-road issues including accidents, one can immediately get help and supports from their assigned personal Lawyers or Counsellors to easily handle the situation. Our expert will also educate them on how to go next steps safely etcetera at free of cost. This is called reinforced power attached to every citizen of India.

 ATAPP platform (All time access public platform) with the applications of:

(a) Smart phones based apps.
(b) One key- automatic dial with a toll-free number.
(c) Web based applications etc.

 Providing newly invented 'KNOWLEDGE ROBOT' to solve any knowledge issue(s) at free of cost.

 Providing educational counsellors to the poor students on real-time support (App based (ATTAPP) instant support) at free of cost.

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