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A revolutionary step to provide PERSONAL LAWYER & COUNSELLOR to everycitizen of India at free of cost to stabilize an equal power.

Most of common people get victimised in the societies or suffer from various issues in the family with multiple conflicts of issues, or unexpected accident(s), which is simply by lack of knowledge and supports to proactively deal or defend oneself. However, the idea and model we create will directly uplift every citizen of India to have a most advance knowledge with quality living. We presume that Government of India may take another 50 – 100 years to officially develop India at a level of providing an equal access power to each citizen regardless of a protocol or common people.

Our business modality is designed to provide a "HANDY TO FRIENDLY" solution for each level of societies such as from ground level (referred to poor and common people) to the top level (referred to higher class societies), however the primary target is to support and uplift the common citizens of India with the main objective of connecting entire population of the nation.

The innovation of our business model is going to be a strongest wave to a new revolution to fulfill people's dreams as well as the most necessity where nobody can deny or ignore themselves from having the power to exercise in their daily lives. Indeed, they will promptly react to obtain the access with a similar action of getting treatment for a major painful illness which requires an attention of emergency.

It simply interpret that our newly invented core-business-model is a first time in existent and doesn't require marketing competitions and there is no competitors as well. Hence the success rate is as high as people's overwhelming desires to get such opportunities of services. On top of that, let's think; what about if we offer such services at free of cost! That's what the beauty and uniqueness of our business model is. The methodology adopted in this business reveals that by providing such services at free of cost the revenue of the company will be multiplied into hundreds of times along with fixed returns at large which is the secret book of the growth and popularity.

The master control panel of the service network is for worldwide to push the wave as new revolution of human development with primary target of common citizens and other professionals including government officials are at secondary targets. However, the foundation and initial operation will be firmly established in India.



The first major problems of the common people which is also transmitting to a most hurting and painful feelings to bear when one faces such situation is historically defined below to realise and imagine the same feelings once again that:

A. Whenever a child or children of a popular VIPs or VVIPs or high protocol officer(s) face a conflict situation or an accidental issue with a common man /woman, usually as the fact remain truth that no matter of right or wrong, the ratio of the wining chances of the case is automatically goes on top towards those people. This is happened because they have powers to exercise, they have backend support to refer and they know how to argue and defend themselves whereas the poor and common people do not have any of such in real time existence.

B. When an innocent poor citizen, mostly who are illiterate has an issue in the local communities which needs a debate/argument to judge or provide a solution or brought to a police complain, he or she becomes helpless as unable to proceed for self-defence since it needs lots of legal knowledge, ideas and supports which is also an expensive affairs and such person can't afford to hire a professional.

C. People are facing various other issues in day to days of lives which always need the help of an expert; as a mentor to guide and encourage; as an advisor to make comfort with hopes; as a Lawyer to support and provide legal solutions of issues and as a counsellor to show ways for better living qualities.

The second major problems of all categories including the common people, working professionals from every fields, Government employees and all others are:

A. When it comes to a court case or a legal issue, many poor and middle class families suffer or unable to afford expensive lawyers and in the situation of prolonged cases, an innocent gets imprisonment or loses lifelong earning assets or gets similar burdens.

B. Many patients die due to critical illness which was not treated or diagnosed timely or due to various serious emergency medical conditions.

C. Many Government employees, Teachers, professors, students and others struggle with easily unanswerable subjects, questions, researches or specific meanings.

D. Poor students suffer to find a right career, right potential subject or institution with possible finance etc.


As a real-time reinforcement solution to it, we create an access platform for every citizen of India to provide most powerful new revolutionary, assistant services from our expert lawyers, Counsellors, Professors, Doctors and other research persons by adopting a social concept and we say that:

 We will provide "PERSONAL LAWYER & COUNSELLOR" to each and every citizen of India at free of cost widely as social network covering every corners of the nation.Whenever our members (any category) face onside/ on-road issues including accidents/ incidents, one can immediately get help and supports from their assigned personal Lawyers or Counsellors, so that they can easily handle the situation as well as our expert will educate them on how to go next steps safely etcetera at free of cost. Now, whoever become a member of our network shall ever feel again that they are victimised or threated like before. This is called reinforced power attached to every citizen of India.

 We will provide a public platform which is called ATAPP platform (All time access public platform) with the applications of:

(a) Smart phones based apps with one touch, instant access and connection to backend support team of thousands of experts such as; Lawyers, Professors, tutors, counsellors and Doctors etc.

(b) One key- automatic dial with a toll-free number which is accessible from any basic phone with zero balance. It's designed especially for illiterate and poor people living in rural areas.

(c) Computer/web based applications etc.

 As an easy solution to second major problems, we will provide expert Lawyers at free of cost on real-time reinforcement support (App based (ATTAPP) instant support) and also to represent court cases and other outside cases in person, we will also provide expert Lawyers at 40%-80% reduced cost.

 We will provide reinforcement Doctors to guide in treatment plans and availing facilities in and around local and abroad etc. And we will also provide best reinforcement Doctors to support emergency and critical issues from our real-time-connected global networks of super specialist Doctors and Hospitals.

 We will provide real-time guides and answers from our newly invented 'KNOWLEDGE ROBOT' software to solve any issue(s) related to research interpretation and guide, meanings and translations etcetera to government employees and other working professionals and students at free of cost.

 We will provide educational counsellors to the students on real-time support (App based (ATTAPP) instant support) at free of cost. And other tutor class/ coaching services are also provided to the students at 40-80 % reduced cost than existing markets to promote and enabling students to participate any kind of competitive exams or any other as required.


We strongly believe that the execution of our business model while holding the primary concept of providing "PERSONAL LAWYER & COUNSELLOR" to every citizen of India at free of cost will not only make strengthening and uplifting living quality of entire populations but also will drastically change the mind-sets of people with a comfort feeling of being possessed the equal powers. And to push further in enabling their best abilities to exercise and to have better understandings, the priority concerns are adopted as system functionality which is the most important role and necessity to bring the nation stronger, united and more powerful in the world.

In addition to the primary and secondary concepts of providing readily available facilities attached in their fingertips, the platform where the entire population become members of 'united association' to support each other is the heart of the structure in the modality. And together, we will make everything easier and possible in lives.

We have two level of platforms as (1). "United Association of India" and (2), "United Global Association". The Global platform will be expanded at second phase of the implementation.


We provide a most necessity, human development 'services and supports' free of cost to fulfil dreams of every citizen of India with a primary target towards poor and common people which indicates 90% of Indian population will immediately jump into it as everyone has issues to be solved and wish to have powers and supports. Not only the services offered, but by becoming a member of "UNITED ASSOCIATION" of India, no matter one is illiterate or educated will still make a never ending power of being one-voice from entire nation. Our backend support team is designed to provide all time and real-time support without any traffic in demands with:

 In house team (A large size - thousands of employee team)
 Extra participated Professionals (Business Partners)
 Affiliated Members (Business Agents)
 Volunteered Members (Retired research persons)

The main key points of policies adopted are highlighted below as:

 Each phone calls from every different numbers to our toll free number including missed calls are automatically preregistered then initially their few details are updated during the running calls or by calling back and those are such as; Full Name, Location and preferred language etc. to make a member of "UNITED ASSOCIATION" of India and provide instant access to all facilities at free of cost.

 We provide first month to three months free membership depending upon geographical and membership categories to let our members enjoy the services (reinforced powers) we offer with real-time assistants and supports. Thereafter, there will be a small, negligible fees of membership which is also easily affordable even by the below poverty line families but billion(s) of members. Our categories of memberships are:

1. A- Members – (As general member) 2. B- Silver Members – (For Students : A+B access) 3. C- Gold Members – (For Professionals : A+B+C Access)

 Minimum target in first 6 months is 20 million members